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British Gas Service Care – hollow advertising promises

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You have probably seen or heard the latest advertising. An engineer will be with you in the afternoon if you ring in the morning and then we see or hear the small print/terms and condictions ….except at weekends, bank holidays and (wait for it) at times of exceptional demand. There’s the get out clause! How do I know, as the customer, when there is an exceptional demand for their services?  The advertising also uses the phrase we are “committed”. Now this sounds like a promise but actually I am sure it is also a get out clause. It probably means we will try our hardest. So why have I posted this blog? Simple. We had no heating for 5 days over one of the coldest weekends of the year. British Gas has my complaint. I have had some response. That took 3 days. I am now waiting to hear about a final response. What is clear from a business perspective is that marketing has been pushed to create a service that operations is unable to deliver in order to increase service care contracts. British Gas was in trouble before about making promises it could not keep. Looks like it does not learn. The trouble is…can I trust that any service care company will guarantee when they will turn up? And if they do, will they actually fix the problem?


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November 23, 2010 at 9:06 pm

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