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Email marketers – make 2013 the year for an improved unsubscribe process. My latest blog post.

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We are all suffering from information overload. Email marketing contributes to this overload though consumers are generally in control as to who they want to hear from because of the industry accepted use of the option to unsubscribe. But brands are missing a trick. I have just unsubscribed from dozens of sites. Why? Because the emails were being sent on a daily or every other day basis. The brands in question did not offer an alternative. The lack of an alternative implies that in most cases a consumer’s relationship with a brand is either hot or cold when in fact there are most certainly many situations where consumers want to to keep the relationship more on the back burner – to be able to access the brand and be reminded of what it can offer every now and then e.g. Amazon.
So, email marketers! Make 2013 the year that you provide customers with more options. The content still needs to be relevant of course and you may still be able to build fruitful relationships simply by making a few tweaks relating to frequency. Provide us with better control of WHEN we want to receive your offers.


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January 5, 2013 at 2:28 pm

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